Daneh Al Rayes

Daneh is currently the Co-Founder & Vice President of T-Linx, the first of its kind Bahraini based multidisciplinary advisory firm that specializes in Technology  Solutions and Telecom Advisory Services.  Since the establishment of T-Linx two years ago, Daneh has been working on implementing integrated automation solutions for key residential and commercial projects in Bahrain, as well as advising clients and decision makers on smart technology implementations. Prior to joining T-Linx, Daneh  was Director of Communications & Consumer Affairs in the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain for the period from Sept 2003 to June 2007.

Being part of the core team that established TRA, Daneh has gained unique regulatory experience in the field of Consumer Affairs, in addition to various regulatory aspects covering both technical and legal issues. Given her academic background in Computer Science and her technical experience in Batelco (prior to joining TRA), she took on the post of Acting Market Operations Director at TRA in the period from July 2005 to Jan 2006.

As the responsible Director for consumer affairs in a newly liberalized market, Daneh developed regulatory policies for various challenging issues facing the regulator, while ensuring the protection of consumer rights . Daneh also lead the creation of TRA’s Consumer Hotline which provided advice to consumers on telecom issues and dealt with complaints on telecom services. Daneh has developed the in house procedures for this micro call center, managed staff training on answer calls and dealing with consumers, developed case escalation procedures and monitoring statistics.

Daneh was also an integral part of numerous major projects at TRA, such as Fixed Wireless Access licenses. She provided consumer and local benefit input on technical issues such as frequency band selection and regulatory aspects of the number of licenses to be granted. She was also part of the team involved in the auction process covering all the phases from publication of ITT and related information to opening the bids and meeting with the unsuccessful bidders. In addition she was part of the WiMax licenses team and reviewed and vetted the draft licenses for WiMax to ensure consistency with policy and inclusion of consumer interests.

Before leaving TRA in July 2007, Daneh has worked on her final project, The Strategic Market Review. This review was the first of its kind in the GCC to be carried out by a regulator to assess the telecoms market status from consumer, licensees and tariffs aspects. She was responsible for leading the consumer analysis part of the Review, which included defining metrics for the consumer surveys undertaken by TRA to ensure that all input needed for the later stages for the Review was contained in these surveys and later on worked with the economic analysis team to comprehensively analyze the results and utilize them for the next phase of the Review.


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