Dr . Eng. Naser Waheeb Alnaser, PhD ,MSc, BSc

Dr Alnaser is Assistance Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Buildings at Ahlia University.

He holds a PhD in Sustainable Buildings from the University of Reading in the  UK . He also holds an MSc with distinction in Project Construction Management, which was also obtained at Reading University.

Dr Alnaser is a member of Bahrain Engineering Society. Internationally he holds a Silver Membership with the  International Solar Energy Society (ISES) and is a Member in the Leadership in Environmental Engineering Design (LEED) program  in the USA

Before his assistant professorship , Dr Alnaser  has had varied professional experience in the public and private sectors. A former architect to the Ministry of Housing he has also worked as an architect with Gulf House of Engineering, WS Atkins, The Royal Court of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Dr Alnasser has also worked on Daar Al Nakheel ( Bapco  Low Carbon Emission House- Solar PV, Wind and Fuel Cell).

Recently Dr Alnasser published a model that calculate the Sustainable Building Index (which may be adopted internationally through the UN sustainable Building Initiative, Paris).

A prolific writer Naser has many publications to his name. These include both professional journals and newspaper and media.  Papers published include :

Alnaser, NW & Flanagan, R (2007) The Need of Sustainable Buildings Construction in The Kingdom of Bahrain, Building and Environment, Vol 12, Issue 1, April 2007.pp1783-1791.

Alnaser, NW (2007) Building Integrated Photovoltaic for Thermal Comfort in Bahraini Buildings, Journal of Arab Association Universities  for Basic and Applied Sciences, Vol 4 (Supplement),pp 147-156

Alnaser, N.W. (2008) Towards Sustainable Buildings in Bahrain, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. The Open Construction and Building Technology Journal, Vol 2, pp 7-21.

Alnaser, N.W., Flanagan, R. and Alnaser, W.E. (2008) Model for ِCalculating the Sustainable Building Index (SBI) in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Energy & Buildings International Journal , Vol 40, Issue 11, 2008, pp 2037-2043.

Alnaser, WE & Alnaser, NW (2009) The Solar Connection of the Muslim Community, ISESCO Journal of Science and Technology, Vol  5 - No. 7 , May, pp  4 1 - 4 4

 Alnaser, WE & Alnaser, NW (2009) Recent and near Future Solar and wind Energy Projects in GCC Countries, Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Vol 1, pp 022301- 28.


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