Dr. Alex Amato

Dr. Alex Amato, Associate, Davis Langdon Qatar.

Dr. Amato has been conducting construction sector Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) research and application for the last 18 years in both the UK and internationally.  In the early 90’s together with the Steel Construction Institute, Dr. Amato with Davis Langdon initiated the application of LCA to assess steel intensive construction, quantifying the impact of recyclability and reuse and comparing this to reinforced concrete office construction.  For the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) a number of studies were undertaken to assess the environmental benefits of modular and volumetric construction and he was involved in the production of a number of SCI publications, conferences and papers.

Whilst in HK working for the University of Hong Kong he developed with Davis Langdon LCA/LCC methodologies suitable for HK, China and SE Asia.  In addition, with Davis Langdon he led the development and formulation of an internationally recognised design tool for carrying out rapid LCA’s during the design stage for the Hong Kong Housing Authority.  This work was paralleled by Steven Humphrey in Davis Langdon for Life Cycle Costing and both strands of work brought together combining environmental and economic whole life impact.  These sustainability assessment methods have been used for LCA studies for several other major HK clients.  The work for Hong Kong Housing Authority received a Green Building Award: Merit: from the Hong Kong Green Building Council in 2006.

On returning to the UK with Davis Langdon, he has carried out a number of LCA studies for international clients such as Gazeley comparing both UK and European projects and been involved in the development of Davis Langdon’s Carbon Ready Reckoner (CRR).  The CRR has been developed to undertake rapid carbon footprints at a very early design stage and thus inform the design process.  Dr. Amato has also been involved in the development of CECoP (Construction Emissions Community of Practice) together with a number of other organisations.  CECoP is an informal group of construction practices that wish to progress and develop the application of LCA in the construction industry.  CECoP was recently awarded Best Innovation in Practice Award by the East Midlands Branch of the RIBA.

On moving to Qatar to rejoin Steven Humphrey, now the director of Davis Langdon’s Qatar office, he, together with Mr. Humphrey, has sought to commence the development of similar sustainability services but based on research applicable to Qatar and the Middle East.  Of particular interest have been recent developments in the Clean Development Mechanism protocols that possibly might fund the wide-scale adoption of renewables in construction; the development of QSAS as a worthy alternative to LEED and the development of carbon measuring systems suitable for the Middle East construction market.


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