Dr. Yousef Al Horr

Dr. Yousef Mohamed Al-Horr is the Founder, Chairman and MD of BARWA and Qatari Diar Research Institute (BQDRI) that was established to focus on studies related to new knowledge in sustainability and its applications aiming to address the environmental challenges and empower the construction industry starting from Qatar to the region.

Being an active socially responsible citizen and an engineer, Dr. Al-Horr believed that responsible design, construction, and building operations can mitigate the negative effects of the built environment. Therefore, he directed the development of Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS) allowing BQDRI to take leadership of the real estate sector, regionally, with inclusive perspective of addressing global issues related to energy efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions.

With his efforts, dedication and belief; QSAS, in 2009 - its year of inception, was honored the award of Excellency for outstanding contribution to sustainable development from London. Prior to this, in October 2009, BQDRI was nominated and shortlisted for the CSR Summit Award in the UAE. In parallel, BQDRI's Mother Company, BARWA Knowledge, was honored the Award of Excellence for Corporate Social Responsibility from London.

In February 2010, the Federation of GCC Chambers, Panel of Judges, has chosen Dr Al-Horr to receive the prestigious 1st MIDDLE EAST BUSINESS LEADERS SUMMIT AND AWARDS 2010 for award of EMERGING CEO – “Green Buildings” recognizing for being distinguished as the Middle East Business Leader.

Prior moving to the field of Research and development, education and training, and CSR for the welfare of his country and the region; Dr. Al-Horr was the President of Strategy & Investment at BARWA Real Estate.

Dr Al-Horr, prior to joining BARWA Real Estate, has held a variety of strategic positions in both the public and private sectors. He worked as Assistant Vice President for Research Affairs at Qatar University (Doha, Qatar) and made positive contribution to the university development projects, assumed several assignments and responsibilities.

Dr. Al-Horr graduated from Qatar University, obtained his masters degree from George Washington University (USA) in 1996. In 2000, he obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Manchester Sciences and Technology University (UK).

In addition to his professional capacity, Dr. Al-Horr spoke in internationally recognized forums across the globe. In 2009, he was the keynote speaker at the IREF 2009 in London and MEED Green Building and Sustainability Conference(s). Besides, he gave several workshops and presentations in Abu Dhabi Global City 2009 and MEED events across the GCC.     

While being in his capacity at BARWA Real Estate, Dr. Al-Horr was honoured the award of Excellency for:
  • BARWA Real Estate: Winner of the Award of Excellence in the category of “Best Islamic Real Estate Institution Globally”, London 2008
  • BARWA Al Khor, “Urjuan”: Winner of the Award of Excellence in the category of “Best Real Estate Development Project in Qatar”, London 2008
  • Hassad BARWA’s “ARAKHIYA Farm”: Winner of the “Gulf Engineering Union Award.


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