Professor Hans Haenlein MBE Dip Arch RIBA FRSA

Born:                      25th August 1935, Berlin


1940-48 Primary and Secondary Education in Germany
1948-52 Secondary Education in England: Michael House School,
Ilkeston, Derbyshire
1952-55 Business Studies & Management Studies, Berlin, Germany
1955-60 Architectural Education: Hammersmith College of Art & Building, London (now University of Greenwich)

Professional   1960   Diploma in Architecture (with distinction)
Qualifications: 1961   Registration with Architects Registration Council, UK
1965   Membership of the Royal Institute of British Architects
2005   Registration as RIBA Client Design Advisor


Professional   1960-75 Tutor/Lecturer/Senior Lecturer,
Career:                             Regent Street Polytechnic/Polytechnic of Central London
(now University of Westminster)
1975-76 Deputy Head, Department of Architecture, Polytechnic of North London
(now London Metropolitan University)
1976-89 Head, Department of Architecture South Bank Polytechnic
1989-91 Professor of Architecture, London South Bank University
1991   Dean of the Faculty of the Built Environment London South Bank University
1961-  Concurrently: architectural practice and consultancy
specialising in community and education buildings
and educational facilities planning and management
1991-  Professor of Architecture, University of Reading

Awards:                  1978   BALI Landscape Award for Hillside Park, Islington
1979   RIBA Commendation for Westonbirt Visitors Centre
1980   Civic Trust Award for Westonbirt Visitors Centre
2004   Civic Trust Award, Mention for The Avenues Youth Project

Honours:       1987   MBE for Services to Architecture

Other Societies         1988   Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Professional   1975-80 Founder and first President of the
Committees and                 European Association for Architectural Education
Appointments:         1977-85 Director of the Building Centre
Governor of the Building Centre Trust
Member of the CNAA Architecture Board
Member of the RIBA Visiting Board
European representative on the
Commonwealth Board of Architectural Education
1970-  Assessor for various national and international
Architecture competitions
1973-87 Assessor for the Civic Trust Awards
1982-89 Council Member of the South London Society of Architects

1985-88 Founder Member and first Chairman of the Standing
Conference of Heads of Schools of Architecture (SCHOSA)
1985-  President of the Hammersmith Society (a Civic Trust Society)
1987-89 Chairman of RIBA Education & Professional Development Committee
1987-90 UK education representative on the European Community
Advisory Committee for Architectural Education
1987-89 RIBA Council Member and Vice-President Education
1987-89 Member of the CNAA Built Environment Committee
1988-91 Founder member of the Construction Industry Council
1988-91 Chair of the Construction Industry Council Education and Training Committee
1995-  Member of the London ProHelp Group of Business in the                                                          Community - a Prince’s Trust initiative
1999-08 Chairman of the London ProHelp Group

Polytechnic/   1981-84 Governor of South Bank Polytechnic
University      1976-89 Member of Academic Board
Committees             Member of the Academic Standards Committee
Member of Faculty Board
Member of Faculty Executive
Member of various Course Planning Committees
Member of various Course Committees


Lecturer in Design Theory for Architects and
other construction professionals
Design Tutor
Lecturer in Construction Management
Lecturer in Design Management
Lecturer in Client Briefing
Lecturer in the Education and Training of Construction Professionals
Dissertation Tutor for Design Studies
Higher Degrees supervisor and examiner

Course Development:        

Design and development of the following Courses at
London South Bank University:

3 year          full-time BA (Hons) Degree Course in
Architecture (RIBA Part 1)
4 year part-time Graduate Diploma Course in
Architecture (RIBA Part 1)
3 year full-time Postgraduate Diploma Course in
Architecture (RIBA Part 2) (the first year
being spent in professional attachment)
3 year part-time Postgraduate Diploma Course in
Architecture (RIBA Part 2)

Multi-mode BA (Hons) Degree Course in
Architecture (PT and FT)

Multi-mode Postgraduate Diploma Course in
Architecture (PT and FT)

Collaboration in the design of the following course:

4 year sandwich BSc (Hons) Course in Engineering
Product Design

Design and development of the following Courses
at the University of Reading, School of
Construction Management & Engineering:

Arch/Eng Masters Course (sponsored by the ARUP Foundation)

Diploma/MSc Course in Architecture, recognised
by the RIBA and ARB for exemption from the Part 2 examinations

MSc Intelligent Buildings

MSc Inclusive Environment

Research       1979-  various studies into the education and training of
since 1979               Construction Professionals in Europe and overseas

1981-  various aspects of Educational Facilities Planning
and Management

1985-86 DES/SPB sponsored feasibility study for
rationalisation of the South Bank Polytechnic sites
in Southwark

1987-88 DOE sponsored study of the education and training of
construction industry professionals in
Germany, France and the USA

1987-88 DOE sponsored study of the CPD provision for
construction industry professionals in the UK

1990-91 RIBA sponsored study into architectural practice
in German

1991-93 Regional Planning Study, Hoyerswerda, Germany
for the Government of Saxony

1994-95 Research into Client Briefing for Sir Michael Latham’s
review of the UK Construction Industry

1993-95 The development of a CAD-integrated Contract
Administration & Management of Construction
Information Support System (CAMCISS)

1995-  Various Research Projects into Inclusive Environments
at the University of Reading

1999-  The Development of a Concept Building for the International
Centre for Inclusive Environments at the University of Reading

Buildings        1980   St Thomas’s Hospital, SE1 - General Practice Teaching Unit
and Projects   1981   Latymer Upper School, W6 - New Library
since 1979     1982   Latymer Upper School, W6 - New Biology Laboratories
1982-95 Latymer Upper School, W6 - Phased Redevelopment
1984   Godolphin & Latymer School, W6 - New Classrooms
1985   Isleworth Blue School - New Hall and Classrooms
1986   London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham -
New Offices and Depot Building

1987-91 Godolphin & Latymer School, W6 - Phased Redevelopment
1988   St Faith Development, SW18 - New Church, Primary School,
Youth Club, and Adult Education Centre
1988   The King Alfred School, NW11 - New Classroom and
Library Building for the Upper School

  1. The Sacred Heart Primary School, SW11
  2. Regional Planning Study for Hoyerswerda, Germany
  3. St Mary’s Primary School, NW6

1990-96 St Thomas More Secondary School, SW3 - Phased Redevelopment
1992   The Queen’s Primary School - new Classroom Block
1993   St Matthew’s Church and Parsonage, SE1
1994   St Marylebone Secondary School, W1 - Art and Science Buildings
1995   St Luke’s Primary School, Kingston
1995   Lady Margaret Secondary School, SW6 - Science and Technology

  1. Christ Church Secondary School, N12 - Phase 1

1996   Michael House School, Ilkeston
1997   Christ Church Secondary School, N12 - Phase 2
1997   Lady Margaret Secondary School, SW6
1998   St Andrew’s High School, Croydon
1999   St Mark’s Primary School, Lambeth

  1. 90 Woodstock Road W4
  2. Brighton Steiner School
  3. St Catherine’s School, Twickenham

2000   Francis Holland School SW1

  1. 46 Upper Mall W6
  2. The Ivy Street Centre, Hoxton

2000   Alderbridge Steiner School
2001   Fulham Prep School SW6

  1. 43 Black Lion Lane W6

2002   Cedar House, Chiswick Mall W4
2002   St Anne’s Primary School SW18
2002   St Andrew’s Primary School SW9
2002   1 Ashchurch Park Villas W12
2003   Fulham Prep Lower School SW6
2003   Fulham Prep Upper School W12

  1. The Avenues Youth Project W10
  2. Chiswick Community School W4
  3.  Spitalfield City Farm E1
  4.  Syracuse University, London Programme
  5. St Matthew’s Development SE1
  6.  Weir Link Community Centre SW12
  7.  Tokyngton Community Centre HA9
  8. Vauxhall City Farm SE11
  9.  PELO Community Project SE 21
  10. Thames Bank W4
  11. Colfe’s School SE12
  12.  Clapham Youth Centre SW2
  13.  Hotel Cardoso, Maputo, Mozambique

2007      Kampala Housing, Uganda

  1.  Kampala Building Centre, Uganda
  2.  Fulham Prep School W12

2008   St Faith’s School SW18

  1.  Aga Khan University, London

2009   Enfield CDA appointment


Publications and  ‘You and the CAA - Education’, CAA Conference Papers,
Papers since 1979:    Hong Kong, 1979

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England’, Akademie der Architektenkammer
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Conference held at the University of Reading in September 2001.

Architektenausbildung im Entwerfen – England’
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‘Architectural Patronage’
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Visiting Lecturer:                Edinburgh University
Surrey University
Newcastle University
York University
Bristol University
Architectural Association, London
Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Akademie der AKNW, Düsseldorf
Berlin University
Munich University
Stuttgart University
University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
E.T.H. Zurich
Hong Kong University
UNAM University, Mexico City, Mexico
University of Venice
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA (Visiting Professor 1973)
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Turin University
Milan University
Delft University
Naples University
Birmingham University

External Examining:   Edinburgh University
Kingston Polytechnic
Oxford Polytechnic
University College Dublin
Leeds Polytechnic
Humberside College of Higher Education
Thames Polytechnic
Bristol University
Leicester Polytechnic
Leeds University 1989-91
City of London Polytechnic 1989-93
Chelsea College of Art 1992-95
Nottingham University 1996-2000
Greenwich University 1996-1999
Greenwich University 1999-2003
Kingston University 2004-2008
De Montford University, Leicester 2009-2013

Leisure Pursuits:                 Architecture, Music, Reading, Walking


Professor Hans Haenlein MBE
January 2010


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